How The Sinclair Method (TSM) Treats Alcoholism

"The Sinclair Method (TSM) is simply taking an opioid antagonist before drinking. Naltrexone, Naloxone, and Nalmefene are not substitution drugs similar to Methadone for heroin addiction or Nicorettes™ for nicotine addiction. The opioid antagonists are not addictive, and they do not directly reduce craving for alcohol.  And unlike disulfiram, the opioid antagonists do not produce an unpleasant aversive effect. Indeed, the opioid antagonists do not do anything until after endorphins have been released. Then the mechanism of extinction is triggered, and the extinction mechanism in turn progressively but permanently removes the neural cause for excessive drinking."


John David Sinclair, Ph.D., Researcher Emeritus, creator of TSM

"Having had direct experience with TSM, I will be more than happy to discuss TSM treatment with you, explain the important options for counseling during treatment, and help you obtain an opioid antagonist with the medical practitioner of your choice."  (Dr. Marvin)

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