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Crisis Intervention and Mediation

Intervention and Mediation is a form of problem-solving. In times of crisis, it is usually most helpful to have an objective, compassionate, professionally trained mediator. An Intervention takes place in a safe environment with the participation of every family member, friend, or professional who has a stake in the outcome.

An Intervention is a process by which the stakeholders are able to show persons struggling with problem behaviors the negative impact they are having on those who care for them.

I can help you discover the best options suited for recovery and a return to balance for your family, friend, or loved one.

In addition to my other clinical training, I have specialized training and certification in two models of Intervention:

Interventionist – Certified: A.R.I.S.E. model

Illinois Institute of Addiction Recovery Proctor Hospital 

               February 2004                


Interventionist – Certified: Family Systemic model

Family Intervention Center of Virginia

                      April 2004                        

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