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Clinical Mental Health Therapy

It used to be assumed that all our emotions were formed by our thoughts and that by making a decision to change our thoughts we would change how we feel. We know now that it is not always that easy. Change is arduous. Many behavioral and emotional problems result from and are maintained by so-called “automatic thought distortions.” These are cognitive distortions in the emotional centers of the brain. “Automatic” is the keyword here. The process of distortion often precedes conscious thought — or bypasses it completely.

The distortions of the emotionally conditioned mind produce error. When cognitive distortions and thinking errors coalesce into internal patterns about how we perceive the world to work and who the self and other people fundamentally are, a narrative is formed. We construct stories based on our ideas of cause and effect. These constructed stories become our beliefs. Sometimes we are not aware of our own emotionally based beliefs.

This is why personal change can be so difficult. This is when professional help is needed.

Once we understand how something in the environment can trigger a distortion within the mind and body without thinking even being involved, we use techniques that help the emotional mind directly. Cognitive distortions can only be seen when the mind is still.

These errors or cognitive distortions can be brought into the light — into consciousness — and calmly checked for validity.

This is the therapeutic process: helping individuals to align themselves with reality.

Think of a Pool of Water

As long as a pool of water is agitated, the reality reflected from its surface will appear distorted. Only when the water returns to calm can it reflect properly and give a better approximation of reality. Cognitive distortions can only be seen when the mind is still.

Trauma — past or present — distorts reality. Abuse can leave us in an isolated world of suffering and angst. Depression, anxiety, physical illness, death, fear, stress, pain — all these have the capacity to exceed our ability to cope.


Through a comprehensive care approach to behavioral, emotional, and mental health, I use my various skillsets and your expertise about yourself to identify distortions, dis"ease" and dysfunction, helping you to calm the waters, see reality, and find solutions to achieve health.

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