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Educating the Mind
to Empower the Will

Getting at the root cause of unwanted behavior, not just treatment of symptoms;

helping adults and children grow to full cognitive and functional potential.

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“CULTURE, AS IN “AGRICULTURE,” is the cultivation of the soil from which men grow. To determine proper methods, we must have a clear idea of the crop. “What is man?” the Penny Catechism asks, and answers: “A creature made in the image and likeness of God, to know, love and serve Him.” Culture, therefore, clearly has this simple end, no matter how complex or difficult the means. Our happiness consists in a perfection that is no mere endless hedonistic whoosh through space and time, but the achievement of that definite love and knowledge which is final and complete. All the paraphernalia of our lives, intellectual, moral, social, psychological, and physical, has this end: Christian culture is the cultivation of saints."



John Senior, The Death of Christian Culture Ch. I, pt. II

"The ear is like a gateway through which we can tinker with the body's metabolic balance, without the need for medication or invasive procedures. We believe these results are just the tip of the iceberg...We are excited to investigate further into the effects and potential long-term benefits of daily ear stimulation, as we have seen a great response to the treatment so far."

Dr Beatrice Bretherton, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds (2019)

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